The wonderful world of wine – An interactive book for curious kids and their parents

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Series: L’enogastronomia per gioco (Fun with enogastronomy)
Texts: Enrico Maggiore, Diletta Quarta Colosso
Illustrations: Celina Elmi
Pages: 60, paperback
Format: cm 18×18
ISBN (IT): 978-88-98897-90-2
ISBN (EN): 978-88-98897-99-5
Available languages: Italian and English


Find out everything about the most important stages of winemaking. Discover some historical facts while drawing, colouring and playing with Polly, the curious bee!“Fun with enogastronomy” is a collection of children’s books about Italian history and culture to help children learn about products like bread, oil, pasta, wine. Every region, often even every village and town, has its own specialities, perfectly crafted and passed down through generations with love. This series is created to nourish the mind of you and your children by learning about Italian food, culture and history.