Manzoni for Fun – The betrothed

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Series: Le Novelle della Cipolla (Tales of the Onion)
Text: Cinzia Bigazzi
Illustrations: Valentina Canocchi

Pages:60, paperback
Format: cm 21×21
ISBN 978-88-89159-32-3 (EN)
Language: English
Also available in Italian
Disponibile anche in italiano


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It was the evening of November 7, 1628 when two bravoes, thugs in the pay of the powerful don Rodrigo, ordered don Abbondio not to celebrate the wedding between Renzo Tramaglino and Lucia Mondella. So begans the anguished love story of the betrothed which unravels through intrigues, kidnappings, epidemics and sudden conversions.
A classic of italian literature narrated in an accessible prose and complemented by suggestive illustrations that enhance the pleasure of its reading.